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On-load Capacity Regulating Transformer


Brief Introduction:
On-load capacity regulating transformer is a kind of energy-saving transformer of new technology. With big and small capacity and automatic conversion, it is suitable for power grid in rural area with great seasonal variations, electric transmission and transformation system for commercial building, airport, operating enterprises, residential quarters, Plaza etc with great significant load change between day and night.




Downward angle of ridge aluminum is 7° and be greater than box-type substation industrial standard 5°. This makes the upper cover more aesthetic and drainage performance can be improved.
Water guiding gutter is set at the bottom of cap slot aluminum to prevent rain infiltration.
Weep holes are set along the bottom of aluminum and be good for draining rain dropped from water guiding gutter of cap slot aluminum to ensure rain will not seep into the box-type substation.
It’s with excellent properties of water-proof and dust-proof.
The width of plate is 300mm. Superior specialized aluminum slots are used in connections between plates so as to make the box-type substation uneasy to be distorted and cracked during transit.
Four corners of case body are seamless welded with superior specialized angle aluminum and protection grade of the whole box-type substation is upgraded.
Protection grade of the whole box-type substation is able to meet the industrial standard IP23D and the sealing performance is excellent.
It's provided with integrated door and door frame, firm inside and original outside.
It’s used with superior security doors door frames and the anti-corrosion performance is excellent.
Door plate is made of the same environment friendly low carbon wood as sides and can completely substitute the composite board door. It can achieve overall flame retardant effects.
No bare lock bar on the surface and the appearance is elegant.
It's used with superior box-type substation special door hinge and the open angle is more than 90°. It's completely met the box-type substation industrial standard with open angle is no less than 90° so that the inside operations will be more convenient.
Ventilation Window
It's used with cold-rolled steel plate of fine quality. It's treated with professional antirust process and be made into shutter shape vent.
It's sprayed with three layers of paint film to make the surface more smooth and anti-corrosion performance better.



  Energy saving and consumption reducing, energy-efficient products
     Transformer core: Adopting new, good quality oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet to ensure requirement of  no-load and low loss   
     Transformer winding: adopting cylindrical structure, even distributed impulse voltage, good heat dissipation in oil channel.
     Transformer Body: Axial support around coil circumference and insulating piece made in laminated wood ensure heating without shrinkage and realize effective compaction
     Capacity regulating switch: being matched with capacity regulating switch and equipped with automatic     capacity regulating controller, realizing automatic and manual capacity regulating



Product Item
Haocen environment friendly low carbon wooden box-type substation casing
Traditional Casing
Traditional composite board casing
Cement box-type substation casing
Environment friendly low carbon wood
EPS plate, steel plate
Cement, alkali resistant fibre
Convenient construction, modular production, easy assembly, no pollution to environment, green environment protection
EPS plate waste can be produced while it's in cutting process and be environmental pollution
Lots of fly ash can be produced while it's in production and affect environment
May be disassembly transport, freight charges can be saved over 80%
Inconvenient, transport in whole
Cumbersome, cost large amounts of freight charges
Construction Period
Very short, modular production, save time and labor
Longer construction period
Need to be solidified after construction, construction time is pretty long
Formaldehyde and Toluene Content
Green and non-toxicity
Contain toxic substances
Liberate toxic gas
Level of Environmental Protection
Green environment protection, no pollution in any case
Combustion produces poisonous gas
Materials as cement are environmental pollution
Fireproof Performance
Fireproof and fire retardant
Close to nature, color-fast, no fading
Simple color
Easy to be cracked and faded
Surface Treatment After Construction
No treatment is needed
No treatment is needed
Need to be painted protective materials
Service Life
Over 50 years, 30 years of maintenance free
Paint will be chipped within 5 to 10 years
30 years
Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Utilize waste materials to process, increase energy efficiency
Inner EPS plate, bigger consumption of petroleum resources
Cement, alkali resistant fibre, waste of resources will be larger


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